The Hot Spot the-hot-spot-flirt-jennie

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


All About me

The Hot Spot

Name: Jennie

Sexual Orientation: bi
I love the feeling of a man feeling them in every part of my body
the soft touch of a woman excites me and makes my body shiver in excitement just thinking about her touch and smell and taste.

my favorite thing to do in bed: I love getting it from behind and having my bottom spanked

turn ons: baby oil rub downs, the smell of vanilla, vanilla candles, fresh batteries lol
malibu rum and pineapple juice

turn offs: people that waste my time,people that` smell bad, people with no goals in their life
loud drunks

Age: 27

Measurements: 36c everything else all depends on how many cookies I eat lol

Marital Status: single and still having fun !

Hobbies: sex, computer graphics, drawing

Place of residence: In your wildest dreams

Favorite movie stars: Robin Willams, Tom Hanks ,Whoopie Goldberg, Michael Keaton (not sure of spelling lol

tv favorite hunks: Michael Easton, Scott Bacula Richard Dean Anderson, a few others I will keep to myself so no one laughs at me lol

Favorite Movies: anything scarey I like Wes Craven and Steven King alot I also l like to laugh so anything with Robin Willams, Eddy Murphey and a few other people I cant think of their names right now lol
I also like sci fi

Favorite music: rock n roll for sure, 50's,70's 80's rock not into rap or alot of the new music if you can call it that lol
I like old rock big hair bands..ozzy, kiss,queen,bon jovi well you got the idea lol I get in the mood for love songs to love rock ballets or even elvis can get me rocking when im in the mood to shake my butt lol

Favorite TV shows: charmed awwww they are on their last season only 6 more shows left :(
ABC soaps when I can still long enough to watch lol
CSI, Ghost Whisper,

Other good stuff about me:
I am hot and always horny.
I love my toys and roll play out your hot steamy fantisies
I will tell you all my secerts and you can come tell me things you never told anyone else.

real redhead not bottle!!
italain and irish
I love sex doing it talking about it
wanna know more ??
than give me a call!

Things Im into:

Fetishes from kinky to vanilla!!
phone sex *Fantasy
roll play

*phone Princess* Masturbation* Spanking* Anal*Gangbang* Sensual Domination*sissy boys*oral*roll play
Sex Toys

Foot and Shoe
Financial Domination

Just because its not listed here doesnt mean I wont play out your fantasy with you..what are you into? come tell me all your secerts and I will tell you mine!